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When friends have trouble finding your home it's an inconvenience; when the Fire Department has trouble finding your home, it could be a tragedy! Poorly marked driveways can add time to already long response times in our part of the county.  For this reason, the Upper Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department is assembling and distributing, at cost,
Reflective Address Signs

Picture of Reflective Address Sign mounted on mailbox

Night view

Day View

These 6″ x 18″ two-sided signs are blue with 3″ white numbers, arranged vertically (for attaching to your mailbox post).  Also available are U-channel posts for free-standing signs, especially valuable for mailboxes on opposite side of the road from the driveway. (Just make sure you call “Miss Utility” before installation). For those with driveways longer than 800 feet from building to the street, we may include a smaller reflective number indicating the number of 100 foot sections of hose we will have to “lay out” to get water to your home in the event of a fire This information is vital to us in the event of an emergency.  We hope you never have a fire or medical emergency, but the more driveways we mark, the easier it will be to find those who need us.

And even if you never need us, at least pizza will come a little faster, and a little hotter!

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