2020 Traditional Santa Ride Through Poolesville Saturday, December 19th, 2020

🎅Santa has happily agreed to return to Poolesville on Saturday, December 19th to greet the children of Poolesville. Santa will be riding atop the  Upper Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Dept fire engine the starting at 3:00PM. 🚒🎅🚑
Santa wants to keep everyone healthy and safe for the holidays.


There are several rules that * NEED TO BE RESPECTED * to keep our community healthy and safe.

1. Families, PLEASE stay in your own yard or driveway.

2. PLEASE – No Gatherings.

3. Residents in Cul-de-sacs and areas where Santa’s sleigh cannot safely maneuver SHOULD:
– remain in their family groups,
– wear face masks, and
– keep 10 feet away from other family groups.

4. Santa cannot share candy canes.

5. Santa cannot accept goodies of any kind.

6. Santa must continue his ride through Poolesville without stopping.

We wish to share what I consider to be the “Original Santa Ride”. It occurred in 1944 in Wiltz, Luxembourg, during the height of WWII. The American soldiers gathered-up their sweets and candies that was sent from their homes. They put on a party for the local children. The tallest GI, Richard Brookins, was ‘volunteered’ to play Saint Nick. The local priest provided the vestments. The village of Wiltz never forgot the kindness of the American soldiers. If you have six minutes, please take a look. American St Nick 1944
The village of Wiltz Never Forgot: https://youtu.be/E9lF95HAX4M
If Luxembourg should live 1,000 years, they will never forget what the American GIs did for their Freedom 🇱🇺🇺🇸